"I had the good fortune to meet Jeannine at a "ladies night" event at the library ten years ago and began seeing her regularly immediately after. It has been one of the best decision I have ever made for my health! I live with an autoimmune disease.

Without a doubt my condition has improved and stabilized in part because of my treatments. In fact my doctor has noticed the improvements and told me "whatever you're doing, keep doing it!"
She provides a very relaxing environment. Stepping into her room is like a giant exhale! Her practice, though, is more than just bodywork. It is a successful blend of eastern and western medicine where she creates a holistic treatment plan instead of treating one issue. I've learned a lot from Jeannine about how to take care of myself because she has taken the time to get to know me. 

She is a compassionate, empathetic, and knowledgeable practitioner. During this crazy, anxiety-producing time, she regularly reached out to us with positive messages to help cope as well as medical information on how to stay safe. She is fabulous and I'm thankful to be treated by her!    - A.P.

-B.W. (register nurse)

Jeannine thanks so much for sharing your wonderful healing hands with me. During the second trimester of my pregnancy, I experienced discomfort and tingling sensations in my arms/hands similar to carpal tunnel symptoms. My regular massage therapist was not comfortable with prenatal massage and unwilling to treat me. Your reflexology treatment provided some much needed relief for my carpal tunnel. Then during my third trimester your foot reflexology did wonders for my lower back sciatic pain. These non-invasive treatments and your cozy treatment area were just what I needed to regain my mobility. I highly recommend you to anyone that needs some acute pain relief and relaxation. Thanks so much. -S.G.R.

​​I was a little nervous going in as I've had significant issues with my neck, back and hip and had recently had a pretty bad week filled with pain and anxiety. Jeannine took the time to listen, asked a lot of good questions and made me feel at ease-L.F 

Working with Jeannine has been a life changing experience for me. It is a true partnership. The plan she created has met all my needs, even the ones I didn't know I needed. I came to her first for Reflexology to assist with stress management and relaxation. I have continued to enjoy my Reflexology sessions and have since added Reiki and Healing Touch sessions for a more overall experience of well being. Through coaching, she has also helped me to start to change my eating habits and to work towards a more healthy lifestyle of eating and exercise. Her approach was simple. Rather than handing me a food plan to follow which has not worked for me, Jeannine would encourage me to make small changes each week, adding one or two new changes each week. We would discuss new options during our sessions and discussed the choices I was making. Before I knew it, I was making more healthy choices and the weight started to come off. Over the last seven weeks, I have lost over 19 pounds by making my own choices. I am empowered by my success so far and plan on continuing this journey with Jeannine who is my cheerleader, motivator and coach. Thank you, Jeannine!   -B.P.

In April 2015 I was at the end of my rope trying to find a way to manage my psoriasis when I came across an Intrinsic Health Source brochure, I called Jeannine and explained my situation. She made no promises about how she can help, as she has never treated anyone with my condition. After going to a dermatologist for 9 months of laser treatments twice a week I didn't find much improvement. Wanting to avoid long term use of medications, I explored services at Intrinsic Health Source. Taking a holistic approach, Jeannine not only uses her nursing knowledge to assess my psoriasis, she also evaluated my nutritional/lifestyle habits, environmental factors and how the body's energy system was impacted. She developed a care plan that included manual lymphatic drainage massage, reflexology,  energy therapies and helped me develop self-care activities to facilitate sustainable healthy lifestyle changes. Over the next few months I began to see improvements and in May of 2016, thanks to her treatments, input, guidance and support, my skin has never looked better and I have achieved my desire to manage my psoriasis without medication. Jeannine is a true professional who also creates a warm inviting environment that feels like you are visiting with an friend. - G.S.

​Jeannine has been in my life for 10 years!  I started going to her for problems with my feet.  She not only fixed the pain in my feet, but she helped me through some challenging family and health issues.  Her resume is impressive. Her wisdom and knowledge makes an hour with her feel like I have spent time with a nurse, counselor, and friend.  Her positive emails throughout the shutdown were appreciated. She is kind and generous!  I love that she is always trying to educate her clients and teach what we can do to reach our optimal wellness state. My life is better because of having her in it!    - V.C.               

​​Jeannine is an incredibly gifted massage therapist, and she has the knowledge and patience to focus on problem areas. Her years of nursing perfectly compliment her holistic and compassionate practice. She has helped me with chronic pain through the use of massage, stretching and a collaborative approach with one of my doctors and my personal trainer. With her help the pain that I felt on a daily basis is gone. 

There is nothing about Jeannine's care and attention that would make a person want for anything else other than to continually place themselves in her hands on an ongoing basis. The gentle effectiveness and the expertise that she displays in its application is a winning combination for anyone fortunate and wise enough to choose her as their holistic health care practitioner. As if this weren't enough, I also know her to be not only passionate about her craft, but also a person who has the highest ethical and integrity standards, as well as someone who cares deeply about the health and well-being of her clientele. I would highly recommend her services to anyone seeking this type of care.  With Gratitude...

Meeting Jeannine was a huge step in my healing and recovery process. After years of back pain I experienced a crisis....through sessions with Jeannine, learning to tune into my body and decreasing stress, I have my mobility back. Jeannine combines all that is best about nursing, caring, empathy, and a holistic perspective of health; with well-trained therapeutic techniques that truly heal. Jeannine has been a godsend, allowing me to have control over my pain.                                                                                       

​​Visits with Jeannine are EXCELLENT!  I go monthly for a clinical restorative massage which gives me relief to existing soreness/stiffness that I have.  Plus she provides access to other holistic health advice. I recommended a friend.   -P.S              

-S.C (Doctor of Nursing)

​​​I don't usually write reviews but this was well worth it. My husband and I have been going to Jeannine for several months now and we have to admit she has truly helped us turn our health around. She is filled with such knowledge and skills when it comes to health. The massages are so relaxing and therapeutic. By the end of the massage, my body and mind is always so relaxed and I feel incredibly rejuvenated. Everyone's individual treatments could vary based on their needs. Both my husband and I receive regular massages supplemented with stretching and energy work as needed. We have seen such a difference in both of our bodies and health. Recently I received a facial from Jeannine and it was just wonderful. My skin felt so smooth and seems to be more vibrant. I will absolutely be adding this to my health plan.    -A.J.                                                  

-S.W. (chiropractor)

​​Jeannine is very intuitive with her knack of knowing what treatment administer. She can figure out the source of the ailment and remembers the rate of change in the healing process. -G.S

Amazing sums my experience up. I was having issues for a long time with my neck , huge knots , and I also had chronic shin splints. Jeannine worked wonders for me. She was able to relieve my back and neck pain, show me some great exercises to do, and also give me an amazing massage. For ten years I had shin splints where it felt like my shins were bruised, she knew what was going on and was able to relieve the pain in just 3 appointments. I was truly amazed. I highly recommend seeing Jeannine, she is so talented with her touch and really understands the human body. - C.L.                                                                                                

A facial at Intrinsic Health Source is where wellness meets beauty. I’m not sure what service I prefer more, the facials or custom massages that Jeannine tailors to meet your holistic health and relaxation needs . I am so grateful to have access to such a skilled professional. The foundation of being a nurse combined with certification as both a massage therapist and esthetician make Jeannine exceptional at what she does!  - R.B.G

​​​​I would like to recommend Jeannine Capria of Intrinsic Health Source in Monroe, Ct.  She specializes in Holistic Therapies and Wellness Services. For many years I had back problems.  I was diagnosed with spinal stenosis, scoliosis and sciatic nerve issues.    I had gone to physical therapy and a chiropractor, which helped me a great deal.  It wasn't until 2018 that I was having a lot of pain in my spine.  I went back to the chiropractor and resumed physical therapy.  I still was in pain. I decided to try a holistic massage.  I found Jeannine on the Internet in February 2019. I have been going to her once a month ever since.  The results have been very beneficial to me and I am now pain free, thanks to Jeannine.  I feel so lucky to have found her.     -S.F