​​​​30 minutes (Refresh & Glow Facial)          $65*

30 minutes (Skin Health Enhancements)     $80

60 minutes (Intrinsic Signature Facial)       $135

90 minutes (Targeted Skin Health Facials)  $200
*Refresh and Glow Facial is only offered as an add on to massage session


30   minutes    $65
60   minutes    $120
90   minutes    $175

120 minutes     $230

​​​​​Together we will determine which service(s) can best help you achieve your wellness goals. Blending my professional knowledge and technical skills, will help to create the most effective and integrative treatment plan for you.  Each appointment is different, each session is unique and each outcome recharging.  ​


Prices are based on time reserved rather than type of service(s)provided. Rates are indicative of expertise and therapeutic value. GRATUITIES are NOT accepted.  Instead, I encourage you to invest in future self care needs. 

Clients can expect to enjoy an extra cushioned, heated adjustable table, to meet comfort levels and minimize difficulties of getting on and off. You may also choose your preferred music/soundscape for the session. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to discuss treatment plans and self care strategies, without taking away from table time.