Experience condition-specific treatments focused on areas like post-surgical recovery, lymphedema management, injuries, plantar fasciitis, TMJ pain, and scar tissue adhesions/contractors. As a certified lymphatic, reflexology, and myofascial therapist, I bring specialized training to ensure the safest and highest quality care. Clients have seen remarkable results—regaining movement, enhancing recovery, and reducing pain. To maximize outcomes, several appointments scheduled close together are highly encouraged. Specialty treatments are sold in three-session packages at a discounted rate to help the financial impact these temporary frequent appointments may provide. Sessions are scheduled within a 4-5 week period from date of purchase..  Let's tailor a healing journey just for you!   3 sessions package -   $15 off each session 

A therapeutic and relaxation massage including a variety of techniques to help to calm the mind and body.  Many think of massage as an indulgence or luxury, but it is actually an important self care investment.  If you are looking to regenerate and recharge from the physical and emotional stressors of daily life, this treatment makes the perfect monthly gift to yourself. 

A massage focused on reducing pain, regaining movement, or enhancing recovery from surgery or an injury. This massage can include a range of modalities: deep tissue massage, manual lymphatic drainage, cupping, light therapy, stretching, trigger point, neuromuscular and myofascial release, and fascia blasting treatments. It is my experience, both personally and professionally, that treating fascia is at the root of achieving positive results, whether it is soft tissue adhesions, injury recovery, or limited range of motion.

With a multidisciplinary approach, I blend conventional medicine, theory, and nursing interventions with cutting-edge musculoskeletal treatments. My goal? To ensure you get the maximum benefit from each session. Specializing in Clinical Restorative Massage, I collaborate with healthcare teams to enhance your healing journey. Whether you're dealing with acute concerns or seeking a wellness "tune-up," I've got you covered. Let's make every session count on your path to wellness!