​I am a registered nurse, licensed massage therapist, licensed esthetician, certified reflexologist, certified lymphatic therapist, have advanced training in healing touch, and am certified as a Reiki Master/Teacher. I hold undergraduate degrees in Public Health and Nursing, a diploma in Massage Therapy, and a Master's Degree in nursing, specializing in Integrative Healthcare. I consistently am investing in ongoing education to ensure my knowledge and skills are at the highest level. It is my ongoing commitment to provide you with the latest treatment modalities and highest quality services meeting clinical best practices. 

From public health educator to holistic nursing, my journey has been a quest for comprehensive healthcare. Inspired by Florence Nightingale, I found my true calling in an integrative approach. A personal health crisis at age 32, diagnosed with Guillain-Barre Syndrome, shifted my focus. This challenging chapter unveiled the body's innate healing power, sparking my commitment to integrative therapies and holistic nursing.

Out of this passion, Intrinsic Health Source was born. It's a haven for integrative healthcare outside conventional healthcare bounds. Here, I provide undivided attention, answering questions, and offering unwavering support. Beyond physical healing, my goal is to empower individuals to nurture their "whole person" and progress towards their best selves. No rushed appointments; quality care is the priority. If needs extend beyond my expertise, I readily refer to fellow healthcare professionals.

I share a unique connection with clients, understanding the struggles of balancing a busy life. Leveraging professional and personal experiences, I help clients pinpoint root causes, inspiring them to define and achieve their wellness goals.

Holistic therapies are gaining traction. As an integrative therapist, I offer services harmonizing with conventional practices. Embracing teamwork, I build lasting relationships with clients and healthcare providers, striving for optimum wellness. Your health needs take precedence. Leveraging my journey and extensive training, I bridge the gap between conventional and holistic therapies, ensuring therapeutic outcomes.

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