I obtained additional certification as a lymphatic therapist and reflexologist, as well as other advance trainings within my 3 professional modalities to address the various medical, skin care and bodywork needs of my clients.  However it was my training in Myofascial Release that opened my eyes up to the world of Fascia and the impact it has on the whole body and body systems.

Fascia is a connective tissue that forms a matrix of support within the body. It surrounds every muscle, nerve, artery and lymph vessel. The more I learn about fascia the more I see how amazing this body system is. For the last 5 years I have immersed myself into the world of Fascia. Attending training classes and learning the techniques of John Barnes to exploring the scientific studies and  innovative fascia blasting tools created by Ashley Black. I have seen the positive impact treating fascia has had on improving one's wellness state. My clients often say how I'm so "Fascia Focused".  They are correct! From muscle tightness, range of motion restrictions, chronic pain management, skin care concerns and yes even hair growth, being fascia focused has yielded many positive outcomes for myself and my clients!  Healthy fascia is the focus with the new services launched for 2023!

Massage Therapist 

Registered Nurse

As a nurse, I use extensive clinical knowledge and nursing interventions to address your various health concerns and help navigate the complex road towards wellness.  

As a licensed esthetician, I'm trained to analyze your skin, discuss your concerns, and tailor the best combination of products and treatments to effectively treat and recommend at home care solutions.

Intrinsic Health Source by Jeannine Capria, MSN, RN, LMT, LE, CLT 

Fascia Focused

As a licensed massage therapist, I'm trained in specific techniques and manipulation of soft tissues of the body to enhance overall relaxation, healing, flexibility, and mobility. 

Licensed Esthetician

As an integrative practitioner, I take a whole body approach to provide a nurturing environment that explores self-awareness, encourages personal growth and develops self-care practices

​I am a Holistic Nurse, Integrative Massage Therapist, ​and Licensed Esthetician. By integrating medical and holistic approaches, I work with you to achieve your health and wellness goals!

​​Intrinsic Health Source is about raising awareness, educating and empowering oneself to make choices that nurture the "whole person", and move you towards your best self and living the life you imagine.  

Integrating all my professional disciplines, the goal is to help restore balance and function throughout your body. My approach is to help you navigate and understand the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and environmental variables that affect your wellness state and facilitate a sense of peace/calmness within. 

I always welcome the opportunity to work with your healthcare team to enhance your journey of healing.

My years of professional experiences and a personal health crisis led me to explore and embrace the value of an integrative healthcare approach. LEARN MORE ​>