Holistic Nurse, Integrative Massage Therapist, ​and Clinical Esthetician

Why Jeannine?

Jeannine takes a whole body approach to healthcare, using a combination of nursing, massage therapy and esthetics. Her goal is to help restore balance and function throughout your body. She welcomes the opportunity to work with your healthcare team to enhance your journey of healing.

Why holistic healthcare? 

Intrinsic Health Source is about empowering oneself to make choices that nurture the "whole person" and move you towards your best self. Sometimes the road towards wellness is complex. Jeannine is living proof of the benefits of holistic healing. She experienced a personal health crisis that led her to explore integrative healthcare approaches. This experience not only changed her life, but led her to create Intrinsic Health Source. LEARN MORE ​>

As a holistic practitioner, Jeannine 
​provides a nurturing environment that explores self-awareness, encourages personal growth and develops self-care practices.


Holistic Nursing and Integrative Massage Therapy

Customized FacialsSkin Care Services

Jeannine Capria, MSN, RN, LMT, LE, CLT

Massage Therapist 

​Registered Nurse

As a nurse, Jeannine uses extensive clinical knowledge and nursing interventions to address your various health concerns. 

As a licensed esthetician, Jeannine is highly trained to analyze your skin, discuss your concerns, and tailor the best combination of products and treatments to effectively treat and recommend at home care solutions.

As your skin health therapist, her mission is to understand your concerns, assess your needs and use a variety of techniques, products and technologies to customize the most beneficial session for you.  

As a licensed massage therapist, Jeannine is trained in specific techniques and manipulation of soft tissues of the body to enhance overall relaxation, healing, flexibility, and mobility. 

Holistic Practitioner

Know Before You Go...

Welcome to Intrinsic Health Source by Jeannine Capria, MSN, RN, LMT, LE, CLT. By integrating medical and holistic approaches, I work to achieve your health and wellness goals. 

Jeannine does NOT accept gratuities. Instead, she encourages you to invest in your own self-care savings for future treatments. 

A "Self Care Package" is designed to save you money, allowing you to incorporate more frequent sessions as a regular part of your wellness plan. CLICK HERE to learn about Self Care Packages