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Meet Your Holistic Nurse and Integrative Massage Therapist

Welcome to Intrinsic Health Source.  My focus is to integrate medical and holistic approaches to achieve your health and wellness goals. If you are looking to reduce pain, regain movement, enhance recovery, prevent injury and promote overall well-being, then this is your place to be. 

What makes me different?

A wonderful combination of nursing and massage therapy allowed me to develop an extensive body of knowledge and skills that encompasses an analytical and intuitive blend of energy therapies, nursing interventions and therapeutic body work. Combining the latest advances in conventional medicine and nursing interventions, with the most innovative musculoskeletal therapies, I provide the highest level of care to address pain, increase function and restore balance throughout the body. 

Intrinsic Health Source is about empowering oneself to make choices that nurture the "whole person" and move you forward towards your best self - creating the life you imagine! I know something about discovering one's path to "whole person health" and navigating the complex road towards enhanced wellness.  You see, a personal health crisis exposed me to an amazing life journey. That journey led me to explore integrative healthcare approaches and embrace an extraordinary experience. This experience not only changed my life, but also led me to create Intrinsic Health Source. READ MORE ​>

As a holistic practitioner, I provide a nurturing environment that explores self-awareness, encourages personal growth and develops self-care practices. I offer 

holistic approaches that can foster the body, mind and spirit into a state of relaxation and transformation. 


Holistic Nursing and Integrative Massage Therapy

Jeannine Capria, MSN, RN, LMT

Massage Therapist 

​Registered Nurse

As a nurse, I am your therapeutic partner using extensive clinical knowledge and nursing interventions to address various health concerns. Providing a compassionate setting, I strive to educate, support and guide you toward an elevated wellness state.

As a massage therapist, I am highly trained in specific techniques and manipulation of soft tissues of the body to enhance overall relaxation, healing, flexibility and mobility. My treatments are designed to meet your preventive and rehabilitative musculoskeletal needs.  

Holistic Practitioner