Your Health is An Investment...Not An Expense!


New Clients

90 minutes for $90

(reg. $130 value)


Because I believe that frequent sessions yield the best outcomes, as a NEW CLIENT you will receive a second visit discount voucher in your welcome packet. Please use this voucher to build upon the benefits you received during your first visit. 

It is a pleasure to welcome you to Intrinsic Health Source. I look forward to seeing you soon.

To welcome new clients, I am giving $40 off the initial 90 minute appointment

Your initial visit is the first time we are meeting. To provide the safest and highest quality of care, all initial visits are scheduled for 90 minutes. This offers us ample time for a comprehensive consultation to understand why you are seeking treatment and ensure your needs are appropriately met. Your first appointment includes a medical/health intake, assessments and, of course, a hands on treatment. Reserving this time to discuss and evaluate your needs is vital to our partnership and to achieving a successful therapeutic outcome.